Celebration of Life Services

A celebration of life service is a coming together of family and friends of the deceased to pay respects to, remember, and celebrate their life.


Heartland Unitarian Universalist Church offers such a service, as a lay led ceremony.


  • The service can be held at a funeral home, Heartland Universalist Unitarian Church, or another location of interest that suits the spirit of the occasion.

  • There is no cost. Donations to the church will be accepted but not expected.

  • We will meet to structure the service. The ceremony consists of:

    • Readings from various secular sources or religious ones.

    • Biography. When we meet, we will talk about the impact of the deceased and the story of their life that I will use to write this section.

    • Sharing. You may wish to ask one or a few people to say some words.  It’s a time in the ceremony for those in the deceased’s life to share memories and thoughts.

    • Optionally, music for a fee.

  • Flowers are left up to the bereaved. You could have friends bring flowers and could bring some yourself if you wish.

  • People often like to have visual remembrances at the service. This could consist of any of a framed photo of the deceased, a table with photo albums, or a video you put together.  

To ask questions or request a service, contact us:

Thank You! We will make every effort to get back to you within the day.